Dental Implants in Carrollton, GA

Dental Implants in Carrollton, GA

Have you been considering dental implants in Carrollton, GA? If so, we can help! We offer a variety of great services and our prices are unbeatable. To learn more about what we have to offer and see some before and after shots of our work, read on!

What are Dental Implants?

A dental implant is a small titanium or zirconium metal post that is surgically inserted into the jaw to replace gum, bone, or both. Implants are anchored with a screw-like hold at the gums where they connect to an abutment on an upright shape, located in front of the teeth. Then, they are connected by a second titanium tube called “a connecting bar” that is cemented into place to link them together. If dental implants aren’t set properly they can pop out your tooth during chewing!


Who is a candidate for Dental Implants?

Anyone with missing teeth is a candidate for dental implants. You can have just one tooth missing, or you could have an entire mouth of teeth that are no longer protruding out of your gums. Implants give the body stability, so implants replace the function of the absent tooth preventing bone loss around it being restored.

What are the advantages of Dental Implants over other tooth replacement treatments?

Advantages of dental implants: 

  • Dental implants function and feel like natural teeth. They do not interfere with jaw movement and prevent chewing, speaking, or smiling properly. 
  • Cosmetic — it allows replacement teeth to take their natural shape for a more natural appearance. The two are often indistinguishable. 
  • Longevity—already proven to last 40+ years in 87% of cases vs 10 yrs for removable dentures (Source American Academy of Implant Dentistry). Implants are virtually permanent therefore requiring less maintenance/extra work by the patient over time then original tooth replacements every 10+ years).
Dental Implants in Carrollton, GA

How long do Dental Implants last?

Answer: People who have dental implants typically notice that the new teeth and gums feel far more solid than any other tooth. The longevity of implants varies by some factors, such as how well the patient follows instructions and takes care of theirmouth, but on average they last for 10-15 years.

How much do dental implants in Carrollton, GA cost?

For dental implants in Carrollton, GA, the average cost is anywhere from $1,000 to $3,000. This is just an estimate of what someone might pay for dental implants in Carrollton.

Single dental implant cost?

A single dental implant will cost an average of $1,000. Adding on the price for the dental crown, and anesthesia bring up the total to around $2-3k.

How much are all-on-4 dental implants?

All-on-4 dental implants are $7,500 on average. For those of you who don’t know, all-on-4 is a revolutionary and relatively new way to replace teeth for patients with no teeth or only a few remaining teeth.

It’s really just four individual implants that can serve as an anchor for artificial teeth. This allows patients to avoid conventional dentures and the pain they cause since it avoids your natural gum line entirely. Furthermore, in most cases, insurance companies will cover up to 80% because the treatment is so comprehensive in contrast to conventional dentures which are typically much more costly in comparison.

Does Park Street Dental offer payment plans?

Paying for dental work can be stressful. Park Street Dental offers many payment options to help our valued patients manage their dental expenses. One popular option is the dentist treatment plan, where payments are spread out over six months with no interest.

Does my insurance cover dental implants?

Dental implants will typically not be covered by insurance as they are considered a cosmetic procedure.

Do  dental implants require special care?

Dental implants require special care, and the main step that patients need to do is brush their teeth really thoroughly after eating or drinking anything.

Dental implants require maintenance just like natural teeth. Some of the ways you can help keep your dental implant healthy are by keeping it clean with brushing and mouthwash, taking antibiotics when instructed, and visiting us for appointments.

Will smoking impact my surgery?

If you smoke, you’ll likely experience greater post-surgery discomfort and increase your chances of infection.

Smoking does make it more difficult to heal after surgery, and this is true for tooth extractions as well. You will also feel pain at a higher level than usual because the nicotine in cigarettes increases the stimulation to pain receptors found in nerve endings. As well, smoking decreases blood flow to gums and reduces saliva’s ability to fight infections by coating teeth. This results in an increased risk of gum disease and abscesses within weeks following treatment. Tobacco use can even lead to long-term health problems such as major depressive disorder, anxiety disorders, asthma, and other chronic pulmonary diseases if used over a period of years.”

How do I choose between an implant and a bridge?

Bridge Dentures are removable dentures that fill in the gap left when teeth are lost. They’re anchored to adjacent teeth or implants with dental screws placed inside the jawbone. To compensate for esthetic vulnerabilities, resin-bonded porcelain veneers can be adhered over the bridge to restore beauty and function. 

Implants require less maintenance than bridge dentures because they provide a natural tooth replacement, leaving only one set of visible roots on your smile rather than two. However, not everyone is a candidate for this option so please consult your dentist first before proceeding any further through implant placement surgery!

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